Jumat, 27 Januari 2017

about us

Student unit activity (UKM) Seni Tari Unhas was established based on the awareness of the students to maintain and preserve their local culture, especially in South Sulawesi Province. This organization has a big concern in giving a space for all students to improve their skill and their knowledge about the traditional arts and culture especially dance and music traditional of Indonesia generally and South Sulawesi particularly. Not only focusing to preserve their local culture but also it is become a place for the students to improve their soft skills in manage and rule the organization.

UKM Seni Tari Unhas also has a purpose to introduce the traditional arts and culture of South Sulawesi - Indonesia to entire the world. That is why, UKM Seni Tari Unhas is actively and enthusiastically to participate on several festival and competitions whether it is regional, national and also international festival.

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